me in 200 words

salty and me25 years young (or rather old), born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Moved to the countryside when I was ten. Grown up with horses, dogs, and many more.

Crazy about reptiles and amphibians – kept some myself, worked on a reptile farm in central Alabama during my high school summers. Qualified FGASA field guide in South Africa – I absolutely love southern Africa, the nature, the animals and the people.

Studied in Washington, now back in the military (aviation) since fall ’13. Being trained to work on helicopters. I found a job (or rather profession) that’s fulfilling and interesting.

Spending my free time outdoors; still enjoying horseback riding, farm work, 4×4, hiking, and everything else that’s nature-related. Vegan on the weekends (thanks to my mom), but I’ll be expending that; it’s more than just food-intake, it’s a life style.

Annoyed by the consumerism and superficiality of modern society; even though I catch myself falling back to it, I’m trying to break free. Minimalistic (similar to being vegan) is a trend that’s becoming more popular nowadays since people don’t get satisfied on the long run with their “standard life.”


  1. Thanks for the follow. If you’re at all interested in hosting a “Dollar a Day” Dinner to help raise awareness/funds to address hunger issues, please let me know. I’d love to hear about it. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to read.

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    1. Hey,
      I’d love to host a Dollar A Day dinner at one point! Your thirty day challenge sounds interesting, a great way to raise awareness for the hunger problem! With all the veggies and fruits we get from our garden around this year we’re near to self-sustainable which would make living off $1″relatively “easy”. Unfortunately, the people that don’t have no money in Africa don’t have those fertile soils as we do!
      I’m looking forward to how your experiment is coming along and all the best with reaching people!


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