A day in the mountains

Unlike the last years, I haven’t spend much time in the mountains since I started windsurfing last fall. Yesterday however I decided to pack my car and drive 7hours south to the German Alps. I parked my car at my regular parking spot and went for a swim in a small alpine lake just outside of the village.

Taking a dip in the cold glacier water surrounded by giant mountains showed me where I feel home the most. I love my apartment which looks really nice after the renovations, but there’s something to the moment I arrive here, head to the lake and immerse in the cold water.

This morning I was greeted by heavy rain so I decided to stay in bed for a bit longer. At 10am however, I had to get out. So I put on rain clothes and headed to the Soiern Haus, a mountain hut located st a small lake at around 1500m. After a hot coffee and changing to dry clothes I decided to check of three peaks at once: Soiernspitze (2253m), Gumpenkarspitze (2010m) and Krapfenkarspitze (2110m).

I’ve been on top of the Soiernspitze twice before and even though the rocks were wet the ascend was relatively easy considering it’s 600 vertical meters on loose rocks. The two peaks to the east were never really on my list, but I was fast so I went down a few hundred meters just to head back up to the Gumpenkarspitze, a small peak with a tiny cross on top of it – often overlooked. The way from there to the third peak – Krapfenkarspitze – is short and not difficult, but parts of it a hard to find and I was struggling to find the “right” path. Only three hours after I left the Soiernhaus I was already on my way down.

In total the tour was 35kilometer with less than 2000m elevation gain. I got back to my van in the late afternoon, but now it is time to jump into the lake I parked my car at and wash off all the sweat and mud. What a great start to my stay in the Alps.

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