A day spent in the woods

For the last couple of weeks my training, both running and biking, has improved and with that my mood lifted, despite the gray and cold November weather. Even the early sunset and long, dark nights didn’t bother me too much.
Until the beginning of this week when I was catching a cold; I guess it was only a matter of time since everyone around me at work was laughing and sneezing for days. On Monday I was still lucky to squeeze in a 12k run during work, but it was cold and stormy and I was running without a hat. So it was no surprise when I woke up the next morning with a hot face and shivering body…

Today (Saturday) is the first day where I am feeling slightly better. I am still feeling weak, but I’m not coughing too much. So I decided to go on a gentle bike ride this morning. With temperatures around freezing I was dressing prepared for a polar expedition and on the first uphill section, my heart was beating like a machine gun. I got back an hour later, soaked with sweat.
Since I was sick of spending all day inside I decided to put on another set of warm clothes, pack my backpack and head out into the woods without a plan. I packed my AeroPress and started walking.

There weren’t many people out and when I prepared my coffee in the forest there were no sounds beside my propane burner. I realized once again that coffee tastes best when enjoyed out in nature…

After a few hours I made it back home with the sun setting in my back (but covered with heavy clouds). It wasn’t a spectacular adventure, but simply being out in nature is worth every hour.

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