Microadventure #1 – Life is Happening Now

Because living for the one big vacation each year or working each day for the weekends is wasting the biggest part of your life. Making every day count by spicing them up with microadventures.


Today I got off work early. The sun was shining (but the ice cold storm reminded me that it’s still winter). And I didn’t just want to spend another afternoon at the gym or running my usual routes around my apartment.

So I grabbed a backpack, a bottle of water, a snack and searched for an interesting spot on google maps. I found a group of smaller lakes located twenty miles west of where I live. Bordering the oldest military training ground in Europe I figured the landscape has to be at least as good as right here at the south end of the Lüneburger Heath.RNG00090

Once I parked my car I found out that the NABU, a German nature conservancy agency, operates a large educational property right at the lakes. Unfortunately the buildings were closed already, but I will come back and explore it a little further. fullsizeoutput_2ea

Without looking on a map I was drifting away from the lakes until signs reminded me that I was right next to the training ground. I turned around and walked right across old meadows, crossed small streams and saw Grey Herons flying over the waters nearby.RNG00092

After three hours I was back at the car without actually exploring the lakes like I was initially planning. But my hands were freezing and I was craving rather a hot cuppa coffee instead of the cold water I brought along. fullsizeoutput_2f0

What a good reason to come back. Next time better prepared with binoculars, hot drinks and gloves. Or the weather decides that it’s finally time for spring. I like the second option more!fullsizeoutput_2ee

Anyhow, this is what makes the every day life more interesting. You can call it a microadventure or not. Maybe it would be one if I slept out there under the stars and made coffee for breakfast, right in the fields? Microadventure for when the nights are not freezing cold anymore!

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