Back from vacation and enjoying a late summer trailrun in the Lüneburger Heath

Last month I spent some time in Austria – for the first time I went to the Steiermark region for one week of whitewater kayaking (I’ll be sharing that trip with you next week or so). After six hard days in ice-cold water I continued west to finally participate in the Karwendelmarsch – a 52km run with 2400m elevation gain through the Karwendel region in Austria. IMG_20170903_114734 Kopie
The day after, I drove to parents to house sit so they could go on vacation themselves. This weekend I got back home and despite the work that accumulated over the last weeks I decided to use the great weather and go for a relaxing trailrun in the Lüneburger Heath. I know this region only from driving through when I used to live further north; now that I live in the Southern Heath I felt that there is no need in driving half an hour to experience a landscape that’s not much different from here. But something made me go there today – and it was worth it!
IMG_20170903_111152 KopieIMG_20170903_114244 KopieOf course I wasn’t alone in this rather touristic region and maybe 210m elevation gain on a 21km run doesn’t count as trailrunning, but it felt great nonetheless. After 2,5 hours I was back at my car and another half an hour later I was home. What a great short excursion to get a bit of a trailrunning feeling here in Northern Germany after being surrounded by the giant mountains of the Alps.IMG_20170903_121325 KopieIMG_20170903_114606 KopieIMG_20170903_120712 Kopie




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