Starting the weekend off right – on my bike

It’s Friday (well, now it’s Saturday, but yesterday it was Friday), I got off work around noon and finally the sun overcame the rain. What better setting to swing on my bike and go for a nice afternoon ride.

gotta improvise when you ain’t got no bike packs… definitely something I’ll invest in

Lately I’ve been losing the joy for running. I don’t exactly know what it is; the aching in my knee (no, that can’t be it – it’s so subtle I think I’m just making it up) or the rather plain (and more importantly flat) landscape around here?
Whenever I’m trailrunning in the mountains the joy is back, but not so much around here. Consequently, I’ve been riding my bike more often recently. On a bike I can cover longer distances and therefore explore new and more diverse terrain.

I love the golden fields

Just like yesterday. It wasn’t a very long trip by distance (20miles), but I was out for a few hours as I stopped on several occasions: first to do some birding – I brought my binoculars and was able to sight some large groups of cranes and other larger birds I couldn’t identify. Note to myself: get a good book about birds….

And second to pick berries. I love picking berries! Hunter and gatherer here – well more gatherer than hunter. At a sunny location in the woods, the first lingonberries were more or less ripe and they were so plentiful it “only” took me half an hour to pick roughly one pound 🙂 Next to the lingonberry shrubs, wild blueberries covered all of the ground, but unlike the lingonberries, the blue ones were not in bunches so it would have taken even longer to pick the same amount. I just grabbed a few to eat right of the bushes.

I got home around 6pm, happy not only that I picked the first berries of the season, but also about the birding experience and simply having spent some time on my bike in this pretty scenic landscape without coming across any other people.

I guess it’s not too bad here…
beauty can be found in even the smallest things

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