Never stop exploring: No need to travel far to find beauty

After discovering new places nearby home on bike this Friday, I decided it was time for another bike tour, but this time going in the opposite direction. I always wanted to go to Eschede, but for some reason I always turned around before getting there. For today’s bike tour this was my goal so I followed a route southbound through the woods and heathland which I know pretty well. Unlike Friday, there were quite a few other bikers enjoying the sunshine.

Those rocks were placed like this during the last ice age.

Once I got further towards Eschede I reached parts of the nature reserve Südheide I’ve never been to – remote and far away from major roads and villages. For the next hour or so I didn’t come across any other biker. Instead I was all alone in the beautiful landscape; open range, a few fenced grain fields to keep the wildlife from eating the crops and endless sand and gravel roads.


Endless sand roads. What better roads to get lost on with your bike.


Eventually I came across signs pointing towards the Wildecker Teiche – ponds always attract me so I decided to ride that one mile to get there. In the middle of nowhere, or better in the middle of these super vast forest there were a few small lakes – untouched and once again I was the only person. I shared this beautiful moment with ducks, herons and other waterbirds. Once again I wished I’ve brought my camera and or binoculars. Next time for sure!

This entrance to a private property (?) was in the middle of nowhere… I would have loved to trespass, but the sign on the left pillar warning of dogs stoped me. Could you imagine living somewhere like this? Hell yeah!
Wildecker Teiche


There were a few of those gates I had to cross. They’re supposed to keep the game from eating the crops.
The blue of the sky was stunning.


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