Exploring new terrain on the bike

I got off work at noon today and once I arrived at home the sun was shining – what better way to start the weekend after having a rather wet and cold summer thus far. When I got out of the car I saw my neighbor cleaning his bike; this must have been a sign, because my bike has been sitting in the shed all dusty and sandy for a few weeks already. But just cleaning without making it even dirtier before? No way!

The “Fassberg” – a stunning 94m (308ft) above sea level


So I put on some shorts and headed off to the moorlands. The region around here is pretty famous among bike tourist when the heath is blooming in late summer. But it is very nice before that as well… However, during the two hours of biking I only came across two other people on their bikes. Considering the dense population in Germany that felt really remote and reminded me of some trips through the US.

An old sand quarry… Unfortunately this belongs to the shooting range and going down there is forbidden – actually where I was riding to get there was on the shooting range as well… luckily nobody was out there anymore
on the shooting range (it’s actually a test ground for heavy weapons)
…but the accessible land can be scenic as well!

On some fields, a wide variety of flowers were blossoming; mallows, cornflowers, poppy and much more… Once I got into the woods I was surprised to see the first (almost) ripe lingonberries in the low bushes. I guess that little sun they got through the crown of the trees was enough to develop the first fruits. They were super sour however; seems like I have to wait at least another week before picking some.

This short (40km) tour gave me so much energy, exactly what I needed to start the weekend. If the weather stays warm and dry I’ll go out for a longer day ride on Sunday!
Bike on!

Beautiful wild flowers next to the gravel road
Lingonberries – not ripe yet!

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