Juice Cleansing – a short-term experiment

Recently I’ve been reading more about how beneficial a raw diet is to your body. Watching documentaries like RAW – The Documentary which accompanies the Australien couple Janette and Alan breaking a world record of running 366 consecutive marathons barefoot around Australia on an entirely raw diet after Janette was diagnosed with and overcame cancer, showed me that anything is possible with a raw diet.

I decided that a three day juice cleanse would be the ideal start to change my diet towards a more raw one. Even though I knew how difficult it’d be for me – I love eating and just being limited to a few homemade (green) juices a day plus herbal teas and water was pretty scary to think about – I wanted to give it a try.IMG_4434 2After reading about what to put in your juices (mainly greens and not too much fruits to keep the sugar level low) I started juicing with my mom’s Oscar Juice Extractor. My morning juices consisted mainly of greens (lettuce, arugula, kale), cucumbers and some apple). The colors were really delight, but let me tell you they still taste like they look – healthy.
For lunch I prepared carrot juice with either grapefruit or simply some ginger. Those orange juices were by far my favorites despite having only a few ingredients.

So how did I feel during the juice cleanse? Hungry! Especially before lunch time my body was craving some hearty food (still vegan of course) so I added veggie broth for some diversity. I managed to go out for a run every day at 1pm for an hour and after the run I felt fitter than before. But soon after my body was rather drowned – getting out of my desk chair required way more energy than usual and the afternoons at work were long and … hungry.IMG_8898 2
Did it make a change to my wellbeing? First, I have to say that before I was already eating pretty healthy – a vegan diet with mostly whole foods, but some sweet/ unhealthy treats when I felt like it. I was skinny before and running is part of my daily routine for a long time already.
Yes, I did loose a few pounds (which was not my goal), but other than that there was not a big change. Keep in mind I did the juice cleanse for only three days!

However, there was a change in my head going on. A raw diet became way more appealing to me and if I was living in a warmer climate (summer hasn’t really arrived here in Northern Germany yet) were a more diverse selection of fruits and veggies was available the step towards 100% raw would be something I’d consider.
But I do live here, the temps are currently in the 60s with some occasional low 70s, so a whole food, plant-based diet with healthy legumes and grains and a high raw percentage seems more doable.

To help me pursue this diet I might be using the Forks Meal Planner.
Has anyone used it? Do you like it?
I’m a big fan of the FOK App and currently I’m trying to follow their recipes to help me stick to a whole foods, plant-based diet. I don’t like following rules in general and whenever using a recipe I tend to just have a quick look at it and then going my own path. Maybe the meal planner can come in handy here…



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