Snowbiking – a Form of Meditation

Last night it was finally dumping like somewhere in the mountains. I woke up to half a feet of fresh powder and more white stuff coming down from the sky, made it to work safely (not everybody did today!) and was lucky to get off before 11am already.
This was calling for an actual snowbiking tour, despite the 30k run last night that I still feel in my bones.img_8039

So I grabbed my mountainbike with its 2.4in wide 29ers. If we had a little bit more snow in the winters, I’d go and get a fatty right away. Man, that was a pain in the rear to push through several inches of rather wet snow.
Looking at my watch, I realized I’ve been way faster on my long run the night before! For the first miles I’ve been getting on and off my bike non-stop; the ground underneath the snow was very uneven and I just couldn’t keep my balance.img_7312

This made me wonder how others handle their bikes in the snow. I mean I understand that a fatty will make snowbiking easier, but when your bike is loaded with dozen of pounds of gear you really have to maintain a good posture to not fall consistently.
For me the ride quickly turned into a long meditation session. An average moving speed of 6km/h (4mph) with a pretty low transmission frustrated me at first, but eventually I was able to enjoy the scenic countryside and just stay present in the moment. The monotonous movement and the non-passing of the landscape around me really felt like mediation.

The tiniest hills made me struggle however and I hate to admit that the run the day before actually left a toll – my legs were exhausted. I had to get off my bike a few times and walk (at a faster pace!) due to the bad ground.
I made it back home after almost three hours (for less than 20km). Just slightly annoyed that I had to consistently counter steer – my bike was non-stop pushing to the right side.
Have you encountered similar problems when it comes to snowbiking? Are there any tips for newbies like me?

Despite the rather frustrating distance I covered today, I’ll be going back outside tomorrow. You have to enjoy the snow before it’s gone again. Either snowbiking again or on my feet.


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