For this year I didn’t come up with any New Years resolutions because, well you know, they just don’t work… At least for most, including me.
However I felt that this year is going to bring some changes. There’s something forming in the back of my head – a feeling that I have to do something meaningful with my life, something that not only brings me real pleasure, but is for a greater benefit.


To let those thoughts develop into a more precise idea, a shaped figure, I remembered myself how important the practice of mindfulness is. Since January 1st I meditated every day so far (well, that’s been only nine days, but still 🙂 ) and I started with an actual Yoga routine.

Yoga With Adriene is a Youtube channel I stumbled across when looking for yoga practices that are beneficial for runners – she’s got some great warm up and cool down sessions which I’ve been including into my daily running practice.
But even more helpful when it comes to mindfulness, I feel, is her Revolution – 31 Days of Yoga Challenge. So far I’m at day three and it feels like it brings not only clearness to my mind, but also flexibility and grounding to my body.

Todays session was about honoring your own achievements – an exercise that would challenge me to work even harder on the postures, but I went to the gym for the first time in ages this afternoon and I can feel it in every little corner of my body. So consequently my capabilities were rather limited today and there wasn’t as much to honor as there would have been on another day.

But on the long run the combination of endurance sports, core strengthening exercises and yoga will allow me to get the most out of my body while still being able to give back to others and be mindful and present in an as many moments of each day as possible.

I wanted to include a weekly summary of my running, biking, gym session and yoga practice in each blogpost at the end of the week, but the numbers don’t look that great yet.
However, I had an amazing 56km bike ride on Saturday; the temperatures were still far below zero and I crashed several times due to ice-covered roads, but being out in nature for so long felt great.
My runs have been rather short this last week – all below or up to 10km, but consistent and that’s more important I think.


Lastly, but not of less importance: I’ve been eating plant-based for a while already. However I learned that eating plant-based doesn’t mean your eating completely healthy. So I just started adapting a whole food, plant based diet which means I’ll be cutting out a lot of the processed oils, plain wheat (or even entirely gluten) and shift towards more healthy grains and an overall well-balanced plant-based diet.
This doesn’t feel constrictive at all to me, and with helpful apps like the Forks Over Knife app (yes, it’s an helpful tool that the producers of the film developed and I’m lovin’ it!) it’s fun and pretty simple.
I’m excited to see how it will help me becoming a healthier, more sportive person in the near future!









  1. Amazing post! Very inspiring as well. Similarly, I wrote about Yoga with Adriene and plant-based diets in my latest blog post. I’m easing into yoga, but Adriene’s videos are so helpful and encouraging. In regards to plant-based diets, I recommend checking out a book called Earth Diet by Liana Werner-Gray. She has plenty of plant-based recipes. I have to download your recommended app. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to future posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t here videos great? I’m at day five of the yoga challenge and each day excited for the next session 😊
      I’ll have a look at that book. Haven’t heard about it before. What I love about the app is that it’s all Whole Foods so I don’t have to worry about checking the ingredients!
      Gonna prepare my first jackfruit ever today 😀


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