Hiking Through The Gleirschklamm

Last weekend, the forecast for Northern Germany wasn’t too good – typical, rainy October weather – but the Alps were supposed to get a lot of sun all weekend. So I decided it would be the ideal weekend to go for a last (or maybe not yet) hike in Austria.


I stayed in Garmisch where I always feel at home. A new (relatively) café in the city center was my first stop on Saturday morning for one of the best coffee ever! The café was really crowded and all the delicious food looked tempting, but after one cup of coffee I left for Scharnitz, a village just across the Austrian border. I’ve been to the local campsite before, so I knew were to park and soon after I was on the trail.


The roundtrip through the gorge is around 16km, however, I ended up hiking a bit over 20km as I wanted to check off the Zäunlkopf mountain (1746m) which offers stunning views over the surrounding mountains.
The Oberbrunnalm (1525m) was already closed for the season (I think it closed the weekend before), but the patio was still a perfect place to sit down and enjoy some hot tea and snacks I brought along. On the entire hike I only came along four other folks, two of them at the Alm.


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