First Day of Fall 2016

I failed. Again.

My last post is ages ago and I had no idea when and what to write about; overall I’ve been just drifting around. This has to change and it did! Strangely the change came with the colder weather.
After having a not so great summer, the last few weeks were really nice, sunny and still warm. Starting Monday, a heavy storm was making running difficult – at least those parts against the wind. Last night the wind finally stopped and weather changed. There was some light rain I woke up to this morning and the colder temperatures showed me once again that I’m actually a fan of the cold season.d71_2278Who thought that I’d ever say that again. Towards the end of last winter I was so looking forward to summer, surfing and sweating in the sun. Well, I couldn’t take off any days at work so there was no surfing; there wasn’t much sweating neither this summer.

With the colder temperatures and heavy morning dew, the first Pumpkin Spice Latte this season showed me that my time of the year is just about to start. From my favorite blog from Yukon Explore North I found out that the first snowflakes in Northern Canada have been falling already.
Even though the leaves around here just slowly changed color, my mood was now set for fall! After getting home from work today I decided it was long overdue to use my camera and capture some of the expressions the first days of fall deliver.

d71_2343Intentionally, I decided to only use my 35mm lens; not using a zoom will make you think about the pictures more carefully – and I still have a lot do learn.
Instead of driving my care I hopped on my 29er mountain bike and headed towards the open range. After not using that bike for a while it felt like sitting on an overpowered motorbike – it easily pushed forward no matter how bad the ground looked like.

d71_2320My first photo stop was after just one mile. The field to my right was dug over by wild boars just recently. I walked a few hundred meters and my feet were already soaking wet – trail running shoes and thin cotton socks were a stupid idea…
While walking, I even smelled the boars – unfortunalytely I didn’t get to see any, they were probably hiding in the forest. The fog was rising as the sun slowly set – was I just making things up or did I actually hear the wild boars nearby?

d71_2327Soaking wet and slightly cold – a tee and a soft shell were all I was wearing (I felt so amateur…) I continued until the sun finally set and I had to use my headlight to find the way back home. Well, somehow I must have forgotten to load the batteries of my Petzl Nao…
Now you can say I’m a complete amateur 🙂

Anyhow, it was a great evening and I will definitely go out more often with my camera and bike. Being in nature during dusk or dawn feels amazing and even tho this ain’t the Yukon here, you can still find some solitude – and if you’re lucky some wildlife as well…







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