Ending the Ski Season -Let’s Move On to Spring

This week weather was a little better and it almost felt like spring; on Thursday I played basketball with a few friends in shorts and t-shirt – what a feeling! Friday, the temperatures went down again, I decided to walk to my coffee store instead of taking the car and I noticed that the parks are finally starting to turn green after what felt like an endless winter. I was even able to enjoy my coffee in front of the store and soak up the sun. These are the little moments that bring me joy!

I have to admit this city has some nice areas – view over a park in Kassel

A buddy wanted to go skiing with me in the nearby mountains, but for months already I didn’t feel like cold, snow, and all of that winter stuff – I just want summer, I want to sit in the sun, sweat while I’m working out or just being outside. I’m tired of putting on another layer to feel comfortable in the hangers. And I certainly didn’t wanna be in the snow!
This actually surprised me myself as I used to be a big fan of skiing or just the mountains in general and I was super excited when I started my skiing season in November in the Alps. But as strong as the feeling was in the beginning, I am now craving the warm season.

Orangery, built by Landgraf Karl in the early 18th century – Kassel

Until not long ago, I was dreaming of living somewhere up in Northern Canada at one point in the future; a cabin in the woods maybe at a lake in the mountains was a big dream. But this winter shifted my desires. Instead I was planning (just a rough idea) a vacation with my mom in Western Australia, I was day dreaming of living in southern Africa on a small game farm, I was reading more blogs from folks in the southern hemisphere than from the Rockies….

Nonetheless I went skiing yesterday (and I have to admit, it was fun!). We left early in the morning and made it to the ticket counter before anyone else – actually, there were not many people on the slopes until lunch overall. During the morning hours the slopes were ice-packed and my big mountain skis required all the energy I absorbed from the cup of coffee on the way to the mountains. Around ten, we had to share the slopes with a handful people, but still no waiting at the lifts. The snow got slushier and finally my skis had the right environment – crushing through the piles of wet snow with ease.

We didn’t stop for a drink or snack and when we stopped at 1pm after four hours of intense, fast skiing without real breaks my legs were pretty happy that I could just relax in the passenger seat during the one hour drive home.

IMG_0586What a great end to a rather short season of skiing – a few days in the German and Austrian Alps and a bit skiing up here in central Germany. Now my skis are stored away and I am officially ready for summer – okay, let’s start with spring first. This Sunday isn’t really sunny (not at all – just grey in grey), but I keep my fingers crossed; I’m just a so much happier person when it’s warm and sunny…. Australia, South Africa…. ?

I’d much rather wear my new summer running outfit – Dynafit Transalper shorts and Supernatural merino shirt


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