January – I could have done more

It’s only the first month of 2016 and I’m already behind with what I’ve planned for the year – no good start, but it’s going to change. In fact, it changed today February 1st already.
IMG_0460Towards the end of last year I was optimistic about my running so I signed up for a snow trail run in the Alps for January. As you might know I had to cancel it – along with trail running itself for most parts – due to my knee.
I was hoping for a stronger winter, but at least I was able to go cross country skiing a few times thus far near by. But there’s one good thing about no snow – you can go mountainbiking. Yeah… I know, with a fatty it’d be even more fun in the snow.

First I had to wait for some parts to be delivered and then the weather was rather shitty. Rainy. Muddy. Anyhow, today I grabbed my clean and fixed bike and started biking up the nearby hills. There are many demanding trails right out of town – most which require a fully, but I learned that the faster I ride, the easier it gets, even with a 29er hardtail. Thanks to all the rain the trails had a nice flow, sometimes too flowy and I ended up next to the trail. Only the part that’s covered in head-sized rocks was too much to take with full speed – maybe I could, but I’m too afraid of something happening to my carbon frame.

I got back after one hour – my bike and I completely covered in mud! I have to do that again tomorrow – so much fun! Only my pedals were annoying as I still have click-in pedals with very little grip mounted. I’m thinking about getting some nice flat pedals instead. What’s your experience? I mean I love how easy you can climb a mountain with click-ins and the right shoes, but for the downhill part they’re not my thing.

On Sunday we did a bike tour with the entire family. The dogs were happier than they look – they don’t like posing for pictures!


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