Winter Arrived – My First Actual Snow Run of 2016

In Preparation For The Swiss Snow Walk&Run on Saturday Weekend I drove back to my current home after spending the holiday season with my family – a great time and the two weeks passed by really fast. On the road I tried figuring out what to do with my remaining one week I had off work. A spontaneous road trip to the Eastern Alps or even the Tatra Mountains sounded fun, but I spend so much time in my car already (I was down in the Alps twice this winter already, France, and other places) I just didn’t wanna put another 1,000 miles on my Jeep.
When opening my Macbook as I got home an event reminder for the  SwissSnow Walk&Run in Arosa popped up – perfect! That’s what I’m gonna do with the next days.
On the radio they predicted snow for the next days in the Harz mountains, so I could just drive there the next day for some training and to see where I’m standing – I didn’t go running at all for the last three weeks, only some biking.16.1.4So on Monday  morning I got up a little earlier, packed my backpack with energy bars, bananas and drinks, put on my winter running clothes and grabbed and extra down jacket – it’s always freaking windy up there – and went outside to shovel the snow off my car. The drive took longer then expected – the smaller county roads had a packed snow cover on them and people just don’t know how to drive in snow.

Like on my last trip to the Harz, my destination was the settlement Torfhaus in the Nat. Park. I stopped at the outdoor store Globetrotter – just like last time – and bought a pair of longer running socks that were on sale. Like last time I had a nice chat with the employee – the folks working at this store are passionate about their work and I understand why. Even though Globetrotter  is a bigger company this store is run by a handful employees who work at the store seven days a week; the reward? They get to work where others come to enjoy the outdoors! starting my run, the snow almost stopped and quite a few people were outside for  a Monday morning. Anyhow, I tried to get off the big paths looking for a route of solitude. After twenty minutes I was all by myself and only my Polar watch kept beeping every one kilometer for the next two hours.
Eventually it started snowing more and the ground was covered with a nice 5in layer of fresh white powder. I didn’t have any plans of where I wanted to go and at one point I came across foot prints on an abandoned path that looked just like mine – they were mine.
I was lost, but that didn’t matter. I actually got lost once again and after twenty kilometers I reached the settlement again. At this point the snowfall was heavy and I was kinda cold. I changed my clothes in the car and went to a small café/restaurant I visited before. A hot Glühwein warmed me up from the inside and the fiery remnants in the fire place  from the outside.

With two slices of their homemade bread (they couldn’t give me the entire loaf as it was their last) I left the mountains – dinner was saved for me.
I feel prepared for the snow run on Saturday, it`s gonna be shorter (12km), but with more elevation gain. I will take it easy and use it as great start to this season.


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