Let’s Go Trailrunning

Even a short run counts – 4 miles in a wintery scenery

After posting something about my weekend activities the last two weekends I didn’t have anything to write about the last one, but I also don’t want to go back to only writing an article once a month or even less. So I thought I’m simply going to share my little trail run today with you.


Weather was rather bad this week – warm, but rainy. I still went for a run in the pouring rain, however it was more a task I had to do than something pleasant. Today it was different, the sun came out early and I was afraid it’d be gone by the time I got off work. Luckily I was wrong!
At 4pm I had my shoes on and left with my car to drive to the outskirts of town (I sometimes run these 3 miles, but it is another 150m elevation gain and I didn’t want my legs to put up with it.

As you can see on the summary, it was a relaxing run with lots of breaks for pictures – it’s the first time that I took pictures of me while running so they’re not the best yet, but it’s hard to find rocks to hold your phone and then run back and forth while the autotimer takes pictures of you.
I’m still getting used to my heart rate monitor and it came loose a couple of times which caused even more stops.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-03 um 20.15.35Anyhow, the 150m elevation gain in this trail run felt great, especially the descent which I tried to capture with a video, but it’s even worse than the pictures so I didn’t upload it. 

Next week, if the weather stays like this or even improves I’ll go out and explore some new trailrunning terrain and will share it with you. This weekend I’ll be visiting my grandma in Berlin, so unfortunately no sports for me, but there might be something big coming up next weekend – be warned!IMG_0289




    1. Thanks Kevin, it’s nice and I enjoy the runs in the hills, but nothing like your playground! Been to Canada a few times and really wanna go back to the Rockies. To me it feels like that’s the place to be….

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