What Is Wrong With Our Society

Because writing down your thoughts helps – A few thoughts about Paris, Syria and everything else

I actually don’t know what to write or how to start, but I feel like I have to say something as well. When I heard the news this morning my initial thought was why the French again?! The attack on the French satirical magazine happened only ten months ago and last night one of the worst terrorist attacks in late European history occurred.
It seems like those assaults are accumulating within the last few years, but somehow they’ve been part of most (every) country’s history to some degree – the RAF in Germany, ETA in Spain, and so on.
I felt overwhelmed by the dimensions and the fear that there’s nothing we can do about – is there nothing we can do about it?

The fact that France got hurt appears to be logic; they are actively “fighting terrorism” in Syria and only a few days ago dispatched their aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle to the Persian Gulf for a more efficient war on terrorism.
But France wasn’t the only one who was attacked recently; a Russian aircraft crashed in Egypt a few days ago.
It is time for the world to wake up and as sad as the situation is, it couldn’t be a better timing for the big nations to finally combine in a global strategy against terrorism – global terrorism. Russia (along all other Western nations) expressed its condolences and might be willing to react accordingly. Great Britain already plotted airstrikes agains ISIS in Iraq, but what about my country – Germany?

Our state secretary was attending the soccer match in France last night when the attacks occurred, our Federal President hold a well-written speech, just like our Chancellor – but is that enough?
Of course, only a few hours passed by and there will be more actions to follow, but what are the “right” actions? As a military personnel I feel like a combined, well planned action agains the ISIS seems like a logical conclusion – though I personally would not want to go to Syria to fight!
On the other hand Germany might exact some political actions instead; the 9/11 terrorists were plotting the assault in Germany and even yesterday, the German police stopped (at least) one man with an assault rifle on his way to Paris.
Why are we giving the terrorists such a good base for their global attacks?
Is our surveillance system not working efficiently?
Do we maybe simply not care, because we aren’t affected?

(Well, we are very well affected, I’d say)


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