Come Take A Walk With Me

Yesterday the rain finally arrived! Spring was around the corner for a couple weeks already, the temperatures increased, but nature was missing water for everything to revive after hibernation. When I had my usual morning coffee I was still able to enjoy it outside the café, but I was pushing it. Soon after my first cuppa a heavy rain approached which forced me to move inside the café and have another cappuccino – oh well, there’re worth things.
Eventually the rain stopped and I drove back home. My phone, however, told me that I had to be more active – I walked only 2000 steps thus far. This, and the sun which appeared again behind the dark clouds made me go out for a nice Sunday walk. I wasn’t the only one, it was actually really hard to take pictures without too many people on it, but I know this park quite well. Even though I go here twice a week there are still spots I haven’t explored, especially the further uphill towards the Herkules statue you walk.
So here are some impressions – from small flowers blossoming in the forest to the large Lion’s Castle. 27.04.2 04.27.327.04.5 27.04.6 27.04.1027.04.727.04.13
27.04.827.04.11 27.04.12  27.04.14 27.04.15

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