Double Workout: Mountain Biking and Sprint Training

Yesterday after work I went to the gym with my buddies – we’re a group of four and make it to the gym two to three times a week. The good thing about not going alone is that there’s always at least one who’s motivated enough and drags the others with him; it usually ain’t me as I’m more of an endurance typ, but still enjoy the gym once I’m there. So after our usual workout (Mondays are shoulder days) I kinda felt the desire to go for a short run. My knee didn’t hurt for weeks and the latest Runner’s World arrived this weekend. In this month’s issue was a flyer for the Zugspitz Challenge Trail Run which I really want to attend – a really challenging trail run (hence the name). I still have three months until then, but giving my pain-free knee maybe I can attend a couple more shorter runs this year and slowly build up on that?!


Those were my thoughts while in the gym and after a protein shake I put on my running shoes and started running. There’s a small park right by where I’ve never been; it’s really narrow with a creek of approximately 2km length in the center. I didn’t wanna go the same way back so I got lost in the city, but got back home after a nice 7km run. Nothing special, but no pain either!20150324_154718
Weather today wasn’t that great anymore, but still kinda warmish so my buddy and I decided to go mountain biking. There’re a couple old quarries near by that I discovered on my runs last year and those were our aim. I remembered running for around 20km with a lot of incline to get there; after four kilometers of pure uphill racing we decided to rather take a ride in the forest Habichtswald instead of following the road for who knows how long. That’s where all the pictures were taken! The forest is bordering the Bergpark with the Herkules statue. This is by far the nicest ride I ever had; the first part was really challenging with large rocks on the narrow path with steep slopes to both sides, but the second half was less steep through the beech tree forests. Our skills improve every day and we not only managed to ride uphill faster, but also had some fun downhill passages. Well, on one of them my arms were too short or the path too steep or both. All I know is how my buddy told me how I rode on the front wheel only with the rear wheel spinning over my head. It felt like slow motion when I landed on the soft soil and catching my bike that landed long after I did (at least that’s how it felt). For some reason I didn’t hurt myself and all I was worried about was my bike, or better the carbon frame, but we were both lucky!


When I got back another buddy came by ‘cuz he wanted to go running and I’m one of the few who enjoy running. I told him that I’d have to change my pants and shoes and be ready after a shake. Fifteen minutes later we were heading to the same park I got lost at the day before. There’s a nice sport field next to it and the track was attracting me badly! I haven’t been on a track in one year and after a bit of warming up I enjoyed a 1000m run. Unfortunately I didn’t have my watch with me, but I started the sprint too late and compared to last year where I did tracks more often I was probably really “slow.” On Thursday I’ll be back and maybe I’m not that far off from my pb’s of 2014… We’ll see…

20150324_160413 (1)20150324_161826


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