Be Happy – Every Single Day

This post is not about running, wildlife or anything like that, it’s not even about a walk through the scenic park of the city. It is simply about a “regular Sunday” and all the little things today which made me smile. I’m not quite sure if it’s scientifically proven whether laughing is healthy or not, but it sure lifts your mood. And mine is pretty good today despite the grey clouds that have been hanging over the hills all weekend.

I can never really remember my dreams when I wake up and rarely even remember that I’ve dreamed, but this morning I woke up with a lot of things going on in my head. It didn’t feel like my brain was using the night to recover, but rather work on things that happened over the last couple of months and that I’m actually just trying to forget about.
Anyhow, I didn’t feel like doing sports to clear my mind – I’ve been biking or going to the gym every single day of the week – instead I spent two hour of going through paperwork that has been accumulating over the last months. By noon I was finished and browsing on Instagram made me wanna chill at a coffee shop and enjoy my new book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. This city is not as hip as all the cool places I see from peeps I follow on Instagram, but I do live here and can’t change it (okay, it ain’t as bad as it might sound right now). I am a Starbucks-addict, tho I know their coffee ain’t the greatest, but it gives me a feeling of being home (home is a really strange thing to me – I might try explaining that another time). This time however I looked up new coffee shops on Yelp and came across one that apparently has the best coffee in town.
IMG_20150315_125048_FotorSo I packed my book and headed out. The shop opened at 1230am and I got there soon after. A whining baby and no music was the acoustical impression that didn’t add too much atmosphere to the rather minimalistic interior. The coffee was good however and I made myself comfortable in one of the few leather seats. The first coffee (a nougat macchiato – delicious) and fifty pages later the shop was crowded; I shared my table with another guy working on his Mac. Korean girls next to us, English speaking in the other corner I felt more home. After a Mexican coffee (with bitter cocoa, similar to a mocha), another hundred pages and roughly 2.5 hours I left the coffee shop that’s now going to be one of my regulars.

The book in my hand – what a great read, I had tears in my eyes for the first two chapters, had to smile every other page thereafter and discovered myself in the narrator for parts – I wandered through downtown. There were a few stands with oriental (Arabic) music playing and signs were saying something about a Sardine festival, whatever that shall be. I had to get a pita bread with fried sardines for myself – yes I’m a vegetarian and vegan for most parts, but sometimes I am not that strong to say “no.” As soon as I got my snack a group of young girls and boys in traditional costumes were performing some sort of dance to the rhythmic music. The plaza got so crowded that I wasn’t able to get any good shots with my phone however.

Now I’m back at my place (see that I don’t refer to those places as home as most people would?!) and enjoying a nice cuppa ginger tea after the caffeine flash today.
I hope you get to enjoy your Sunday as well 🙂


  1. Ein sehr schöner Bericht, den ersten Kaffee hätte ich aber auch mal gerne. Hört sich super lecker an 🙂
    Von dem Buch musst du mir am Wochenende mal berichten, das hört sich wirklich toll an. Mein gesamtes Wochenende war nicht so entspannt, daher bin ich echt neidisch 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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