This time of the year you’ll read so many posts about habits people want to get rid of starting January 1st, new habits they want to embed in their lives and so on. Well, let’s be honest – how many of those New Year’s pledges are being thrown over as 2015 passes by, or even in January already?
Anyhow, without resolutions and good intentions we’d be achieving even less. It needs a determined mind to chase dreams over such a long time (365 days are a long time), but New Year’s resolutions? That’s even harder – the name says it already, a resolutions comes with conditions and even though they’re being put up by ourselves they can feel like a burden.

do-less-with-more-focusSo what shall we do?
Start next year without any pledges? That ain’t no way to go neither.
Come up with resolutions that are easily achievable? Well, that’s like cheating ourselves.
Maybe we shouldn’t see it as tasks that need to be worked on for 365 days starting Januar 1st 2015. Maybe we can start today already and choose ideas that feel like taking care of for more than just one year.

Now what is on my agenda? I tried to come up with a few traits that I want to get rid off in the future; unnecessary habits that formed in the past and that life would feel better without.


I mention this one first so I can get it out of the way. Haha. Seriously, why do I procrastinate on things I hate doing while I get other stuff done asap? I don’t know, but by writing this article already today (2 days before New Years Eve) it feels like beating it already. A little bit.


You might know that I like the ideas of minimalism. Well, I’m looking for an apartment to move in next year; this is gonna be a perfect timing for this resolution to take affect. But when it comes to others, e.g. buying clothes or others it ain’t that easy – I still have a bag with a jean in my trunk that I bought weeks ago and didn’t even unpack…


Easier being sad than done. Life’s too short to waste it on people or things that ain’t worth the time. Another resolutions that won’t be too easy to achieve, but I’m willing to work on it.


If you had asked me two years ago I thought I was fearless. I’m not talking about being afraid of doing „dangerous“ things, I love adrenaline rushes. I’m talking about a different type of fear. Remember my trip to Spain this summer? When I arrived at the airport I felt fear – fear of life, fear of new things. And that’s a feeling I’ve never felt before. I went to new places across the world when I was a teenager, so why do I feel fear?

So these are my „New Year’s Resolutions“ – you see, it’s nothing like „doing sports twice a week,“ „eating healthier,“ or „quit smoking.“ Well, I do sports way more than twice a week, I love eating healthy and I don’t smoke. My pledges are a bit more wide spread which might make them look like I’m cheating myself by coming up with those vague statements.
I rather see them as guidelines and I feel like they can built a good frame that will give me enough freedom, but still helps me in becoming a „better person.“

What’s on your list of New Year’s Resolutions?


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