“Cloud Of Dust”

And the tractor keeps rollin’
The dust rises high
Creating the only cloud in the sky


This is part of the chorus from “Cloud Of Dust” by Country singer Brad Paisley. The song is about a farmer in arid West Texas struggling with the extreme drought. Germany is not western Texas and most parts of the country had more than enough rain this summer, but where we live up in the north it has been abnormally dry. The summer started early this year and everybody was happy about how soon the flower started blossoming, but as fast as they appeared they disappeared. Temperatures stayed around 90 degrees for long periods and besides a couple bad days there was no rain.
Now it’s mid September and the temperatures dropped to the mid to high 70s, but I can’t remember the last day it actually rained. My mom spends hours each evening watering plants in the garden – at least the ones that won’t make it without water. The gras turned brown long time ago and the horses have only a little bit of fresh gras left.


Surprisingly the dry, brown gras doesn’t bother the horses; it actually is good for them. With less nutrients in the gras they can eat larger amounts of it without taking in too much protein which is bad for them and the more their stomach is busy with digesting fibers the better as it prevents them from getting colics – this is when the gut plaits due to stress or the intake of fresh gras after too long periods without food.


DSC_2049The farmers hurry to get their corn from the fields. It is already super dry and I don’t know how it is supposed to ensile. Yesterday the forecast said there was a low chance of rain for today; now it is postponed for the weekend. But a 40% chance of thunderstorms and light rains is not what we need. Several days of constant, light rain would give nature the water it desperately needs.

As much as we’re looking forward to some rain I already know that after the second week of rain in late fall we wish it was this dry again…



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