Ecosia – The Search Engine That Plants Trees

I am a Google addict – I love Chrome with all the extensions, Gmail, and all the other applications – and I’m no big fan of Bing (you either use Google or Bing, but not both – right?). Now I stumbled across this search engine and  thought to myself: Why not give it a try.


Ecosia is a German search engine, but no worries, it works in all languages as it gets its results from Bing (that’s the catch – hahaha).  They call themselves a Social Business, have ten employees and are based in Berlin, Germany. So what’s so special about this search engine?
Well, they spend 80% of their revenues to the organization The Nature Conservancy which is responsible for the project Plant A Billion Trees. This campaign started in 2008 and has the goal to reforest the Brazilian Atlantic Forest on an area of over 1million acres as well as connecting forest remnants.

Since 2010, Ecosia has contributed $1.7million dollars to conservation and from August ’13 until August of next year they will contribute this money with a minimum payment of  $150,000/ year to the Plant A Billion Trees  project.
Even though the search engine was launched in 2009, I haven’t hear about it until now.  Since we all use search engines on a daily basis, why not switch to Ecosia and plant some trees – nature conservation has never been so easy (yeah I know… you have to use Bing, but c’mon – if that’s the price I have to “pay” 🙂 )


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