Vegan Goddess – Layered Coffee Cake with Chia Pudding and Red Currents

The small wound on my heel from yesterday was looking better today and so I decided to go on a short run with Greta before lunch. It might not have been the smartest idea as the wound opened up again and it’ll take even longer to heal this time, but I got so enthusiastic after looking at trail runs to sign up for this fall that I couldn’t resist.

Well. To treat myself I made those delicious sweet treats.

layered.2For lunch I only had some leftover vegan curry from the weekend; I just added some rice to make it a full meal. It was good, but after the daily yard work (which I love doing) I needed some kitchen-time. Everyone who is vegan has at least heard of chia puddings; they’re great, you can add whatever you want to and the seeds will make it viscous – perfect for those layered “cakes.”

But let’s start from the beginning, or better from the bottom. The dark layer is made from dates (half a cup) and almonds (one cup) which I dry roasted to get the most flavor out of them  as well as cocoa powder and – something unusual – ground coffee. The dates add the necessary sweetness needed to balance out the coffee and cocoa (one tsp each). You will need a Vitamix or other very strong food processor to mix these dry ingredients to a sticky paste – I added a tbsp of water to it. crust

The second layer is the chia pudding – this one isn’t as white as some you might have seen before, that’s simply because I’ve added half a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract to it. All you need for a basic chia pudding is some sort of milk (I used one cup organic soy milk) and the chia seeds (I added approximately two tbsp); for extra flavor I added vanilla extract.

Third is a cashew-coffee cream. One cup of cashews is soaked in hot coffee for a few hours before being rinsed with water; the cashews will absorb a lot of the coffee aroma. In the food processor I mixed them with one tbsp of agave syrup and a quarter cup of freshly brewed espresso.



For some fruity deliciousness I topped this with a red current purée. A friend of mine brought me a bowl of these sour, but tasty fruits (ours were eaten by the birds) which I mixed with some sugar and a tsp of chia seeds in the Vitamix. This purée is not only rich in color, it also adds a nice counterpart to the very nutritious other layers.


It is made rather fast – the most time was spent on cleaning the Vitamix in between each of the steps! After you’ve layered the ingredients in a jar it needs to cool down. I put it in the freezer for one hour and stored them in the fridge afterwards. Well, I stored the one jar in the fridge, the first one is gone already – so good 🙂



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