A Quick Sunday Bicycle Tour

The forecast was right, we didn’t have to wait long for the rain to come back. So after all the work was finished I grabbed my mom’s bicycle and dog Greta to go for a short ride. Initially I wanted to go running again – my new trail runners arrived – but I have an open wound on my kneel which makes walking very painful, not to mention running. Riding the bike was almost as fun – I prefer running over biking and that’s the one thing that’s stopping me from a triathlon 🙂 – and gentle on my feet.


We were lucky, the weather stayed nice for our Sunday tour, but as soon as we arrived at home dark clouds appeared on the sky and soon after thunderstorms were coming up – poor Greta, she gets really scared and didn’t even eat her food. Now the thunderstorm has gone – the rain stayed – and Greta calmed down enough to eat her supper.

The only one who didn’t have dinner yet is me, so I’ll have to see what the veggie garden has to offer. Maybe pasta with steamed mixed vegetables – vegan for sure – and if there’s still enough time before the game something sweet as well.

So long, yours Nick

And good luck to our team tonight!






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