Vegan Friday – A Quick Insight

salad_collageWhen I’m with my parents I usually eat vegan because my mom is vegan and my dad likes it as well. Now they’re on vacation and I’m house-sitting. Along with the house, there is a very-well yielding veggie garden which makes eating vegan quite easy. I didn’t go running, just a quick ride with the bicycle and the dog Greta so my body wasn’t in need for a huge calorie intake. And this is what ended up on my plates:

For lunch – breakfast was a banana-soymilk shake with hemp seeds, hemp protein and maca powder – I made myself a salad. All the ingredients came right from the garden and I had to put them in the fridge for a while before eating as it was another warm summer day today.

salad ingredients

From the top left clockwise: Cilantro, beetroot, arugula, loose leaf lettuce, Cuban basil, beetroot leaves.


I made this vegan, powerfood-granola from hempseeds, golden sesame, linseed, chia seeds and agave syrup. Unfortunately I forgot to put it on the salad so I ate it as a snack afterwards – delicious!



When I looked at the clock after finishing all the work outside – or at least a part of it, as you can always do more – it was later than expected and my stomach told me that I haven’t been taken care of him for a couple of hours as well. So I had to come up with a quick dish; there were still some snow peas in the fridge which had to be eaten soon. I added green onions, carrots (all in a dark purple color) and Wakame algae (not from the garden of course).


wakame.veggie.bowlAll mixed up and steamed with soy sauce and water, a delicious, light vegan supper was made. The algae have a distinct taste, but with all the other veggies and the soy sauce it was a very nice flavor overall!


These were two great-tasting meals and I liked the Wakame algae a lot – it’s the first time I’ve had it, but won’t be the last time. If I get my new trail runners tomorrow I will have to try them out here in the fields and then I’ll need a lil bit more good calories – let’s see how we get that done – vegan of course!


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