#1 – A Short Story of Nearly Everything (About Me)

So here I’m sitting in the kitchen after a delicious Sunday family dinner thinking: What should I write about. Last night I created the blog Subliminal Wild and this’ll be my very first own blog post – I’ve been translating articles for my mom’s blog homestead-notes.me since she started blogging in September last year, but writing down your own thoughts, memories, feelings and experiences is a whole other story.
me, Elbe
Why did I wanted to start a blog in first place anyways? There are many reasons. Firstly, I wanna share experiences I’ve made in the past and those that are going to happen in the future. Im not only talking about big events like when I went to South Africa by myself for the first time after graduating from high school to become a field guide or when I moved to the US in 2010 to attend college. Or when I decided to make the military a career for the next 10+ years.
Those big events were definitely forming the person that I am today. But I also want to talk about lesser experiences, those that don’t seem to be a “big deal,” but occur on a day-to-day basis and therefore are influencing our character development as well. Everyday experiences are great – they are great because they occur every day!

As a young adult (well, I’m 25 and thus probably a little bit grown up already when looking at the age of my comrades and other people around me) we have certain ideas of how we want to live when we are grown up. When we are grown up, we have an idea of how our life should look like a decade from now and so on. But our personal values are constantly changing and they are changing faster than we think they do. By sharing those experiences with you, I’m hoping to make them more conscious, to get more out of them – not only for myself, but for you as well.

I don’t know where this blog is leading to, because I don’t know what my life will look like in the (near) future, but I’m inviting you to take part in this journey. Those of you who’ve read my short biography might have a vague idea of how I might be as a person. You might know that I love (South) Africa where I learned a lot about nature and human-nature interactions. Even today I’m still availing myself of what I’ve learned about nature conservancy, ecology, fauna and flora. (Unfortunately) I didn’t stay in South Africa and after a journey to Panama and Costa Rica (more about that in another post) I ended up in the US with the idea of studying wildlife biology. Well, there wasn’t too much wildlife, but too much human anatomy and physiology so eventually I knew that this degree was part of a great experience, but not what I want to do for the rest of my life (or the next decade).

From my biography you might as well know that I’m back in the military – German Army (aviation) – and that this won’t change for the next decade or so. For someone who has been restless all the time this was a big decision, but definitely a “right” one. It’s a job I love doing!

You might also know that I enjoy all kind of outdoor activities and whenever I spend the weekends with my family on the countryside I realize that I’m no big city person. Getting dirty doing yard work, riding the horses, building stuff are all things I love doing. I can’t share all of my facets in this one post, but you’ll see me blogging about the above mentioned topics as well as stuff like vegan eating (a life style I want to acquire more thanks to my mom), permaculture (a trend I stumbled upon in South Africa and Washington State), country music (I absolutely love country music), wildlife (including photography of course) and minimalism (to put it briefly, modern society with it’s superficial consumerism is making me sick – more to follow with the next posts).
You’ve made it all the way down here? Might as well click the “follow” button in the top right corner and follow my journey!

Yours, Nick (aka Ruwen, Niklas)



  1. Thank you so much for following my blog. Both you bog and your mother’s center around topics that are very close to my heart. Best of luck with you journey, I look forward to seeing you grow!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rachel, thank you 🙂 My mom inspired me – she’s all into blogging and I got addicted. I’m excited to see how this will develop.
      I love your stories – they remind me of how I felt moving to new places (including WA) all on my own – and the pictures tell stories themselves. Great!


    1. Pleasure is mine 🙂 Blogging is a fascinating thing – it caught me so fast, but with my mom’s blog being such a success after such a short time there’s a lot of pressure on me. haha.


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